It might be deeply ingrained within the British psyche, but the compulsion to moan and complain is ultimately self-defeating - it makes us feel miserable.

Flip it around and the converse is true: offering praise and support creates a positive atmosphere that benefits not only the recipient of our goodwill, but also ourselves. We feel good because we've made someone else happy.

Now I'm not suggesting for one moment that we should all pass our days liberally lavishing praise on the unworthy, otherwise that surly, unhelpful, call-centre worker would score unrealistically high on the post-call feedback score we're all encouraged to engage in. But praise where it's due is a force for good. As the owner of BeautyWorksWest, I've been taken aback by the number of positive comments we've received from customers who have enjoyed using our new products. Not because our products are not worthy of praise, they are, but because many of these comments were quite unsolicited. People were emailing us extolling the virtues of YOUTH, thanking us for courteous customer service and prompt delivery, and detailing how the supplement had made them feel better. Many more conversations took place on the phone, a rare thing these days but so rewarding.

This, of course, is nourishing food for the soul. It makes all the hard work worthwhile and provides the impetus to do more. Like Ready Brek, it leaves a burning ember glowing inside. And who wouldn't like to make someone feel warm inside, or indeed feel it for themselves.