For me, Spring is the most glorious time of year. But the change in weather often brings with it skin irritability and breakouts, even if your complexion is normally well-behaved! This is the result of Vitamin D synthesis – as the body absorbs Vitamin D from the sun the processing function speeds up.

To tackle this you'll need to change your regular skin care regime, which will help soothe, heal and calm the skin. As the seasons change, so should your beauty essentials.

Follow these steps into Spring…

1. Change your cleanser. You'll need to accelerate the skin's natural exfoliation rate to kick-start the regenerative process. Try the Kahina Facial Cleanser which is packed full of natural actives including Papaya, Willow Bark extract and Pomegranate, a natural AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). It draws out blocked pores enabling the skin to cleanse itself, as well as healing and facilitating healthy new cell growth.

2. Swap your regular night time moisturizer for Kahina's Argan Oil, containing a very high concentration of Vitamin E which heals and soothes the skin. Another good option for moisture replenishment is Ling's Hydra Squalane which provides a sensational hydration boost.

3. Using a good serum will also help alleviate multiple skin conditions. Our best-selling Ling range offers a repertoire of products designed to ease irritation and eliminate acne bacteria. Try Hi Vitamin C and Clearlight Serum.

4. It goes without saying that you should be using SPF all year round, with UVA and UVB protection. Now that the sun is making an occasional appearance, be sure to arm your defenses as Summer approaches. The Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector SPF30+ offers day-long protection from the sun and environmental damage. We also love the Silk Shield SPF 30, a one-step foundation that delivers a flawless finish, reflecting the sun's rays with no chemical filters.

Try to book a deep cleansing facial as a springboard to a fresh spring complexion. Then you'll find your products work to optimal effect.