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Neotantric Fragrances is a highly seductive line of fragrances, capturing the ancient spiritual wisdom of the tantra in a modern setting.  Even though the ancient gurus of the parampara system probably would have been just a bit surprised by the unorthodox concept, they would certainly have adored the inspiring fragrances. 

The Neotantric Fragrances speak to body and mind, just like the guru-paramparas spoke to their disciples, passing on unprintable acumen from generation to generation. 

Each fragrance comes with an untold story, hidden in the pictures and hinted in brief transcripts.  The dreamy citric notes of Drops of Me connect through the images from the "Motel Noir" where Camelia enjoys a phot session with her boyfriend Burt.  Parampara Peepshow brings sweet and spicy together in a modernist decadent scenery where women enjoy themselves just as much as men.

"Scandi Secret - hot new brand Neotantric Fragrances, from the trendy Scandi shores of Sweden, combines playfulness and fantasy with its aniseed, peach and white musk notes.  Not only that, but we think the bottle is rather pretty! Manic Love EDP, from £65." Grazia