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Those blue veins and capillaries that you can see just below the surface of the skin are troublesome. The Polaris laser is exactly what you need to rid yourself of these unsightly devils… This state-of-the-art laser constricts the capillaries, vastly improving the appearance of the vein, leaving you ready to strut your barelegged stuff to your heart’s content.



Using aerosol based liquid Cyrogen, aka Dermafreeze, the spray rapidly freezes the dermo tissues to minus 50C. At this temperature the tissue is frozen and removed, it’s that simple. More than one session may be required.



Polaris is a non-surgical facial tightening treatment. This revolutionary technology combines laser with radio frequency, which delivers highly targeted penetration and results. The good news is that by heating the deep layers, or dermis, of the skin it promotes the cells to produce new collagen which plumps up and tightens the skin and give it that sought after ‘lifted’ appearance. Wrinkles are smoothed away, skin is tauter, fine lines disappear. No pain, no down-time, no stress.



Women of a certain age may find that their skin is revealing certain tales about their life as a sun-worshipper (age spots, freckles, dry skin), their time as a smoker (lip lines), and of course the inevitable results of ageing (lines, sagginess). Science comes to the rescue combining two revolutionary medical technologies. By targeting deep down below the surface of the skin, the results are tighter, firmer, more evenskin tone, lines and wrinkles are diminished, as are age spots/scarring and that ‘certain age’ is heading inexorably towards youth! Revolutionary and reliably effective with no pain, this is the new gold standard of facial renewal. Book a consultation with Dr Sister to find out more.