I have a friend who for years followed a strict beauty regime, back in the days when wrinkles, sun spots and ageing skin were distant problems. A source of wonderment to me was the way she lavished attention on her elbows and knees, a routine she’d inherited from her mother. She always said that these neglected areas deserved as much attention as any other, otherwise they would eventually look unsightly and ageing. How right she was. And how soft and supple are hers, to this day.

Without proper care knees and elbows look coarse, dry and not altogether pretty. What’s more, they can appear dark and patchy. The reasons are many and include sun exposure, inadequate hydration and build up of dead skin. You need to cleanse these areas thoroughly as the skin naturally folds and when you’re showering, they’re easily overlooked.

Start a routine that begins with thorough cleansing, and scrub these areas using a brush or our best selling Supracor bath mitt. You can also use an exfoliating, hydrating scrub, one that gently lifts away dead skin cells and stimulates the regeneration of new ones. This will leave your elbows and knees soft, silky and re-textured.

Always make sure to moisturize, which may simply be a case of using your body cream and making sure to apply it to these areas every day. Try using coconut oil or cream after showering, a favourite with Brazilians who use it to treat their sun kissed bodies, all over! It is incredibly hydrating and smoothing. Creams containing Shea Butter and AHAs also produce great results.

If you’re thinking about intervention to help with saggy, droopy knees and elbows, Dr. Sister’s S3 treatment, akaDracula’, works wonders. It stimulates collagen production so that you’ll notice the skin becomes less wrinkly, much tighter and looks far younger.