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Paul Yacomine Micro Colourcare Clear 50ml - £17.00

Paul Yacomine Micro Colourcare Clear 50ml - £17.00

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For colour / chemically processed hair.  Helps rebuild the damaged hair shaft. Replaces moisture and shine lost during treatment slowing down colour fading process.

The serum in this product has the dual purpose of enhancing the cosmetic feel and appearance whilst providing a vehicle for nutrients that are essential for revitalising colour treated hair. Emulsified with the latest proteins and organic oils, Micro Colourcare is light on the hair, receptive only to the parts of the cuticle that need it thus ensuring your hair is never over-loaded. Used after colour processing or whenever hair is dull or dry.

Contains Organic Essential Oils of Rose, Rosemary, Geranium, Grapeseed and Almond oils. Including an essential Oil fragrance of Rose, Patchouli, Orange and Geranium. Keratin & Silk Proteins.

Size: 50 ml

"The Good Oil - Since hair strands are porous, oils are able to penetrate and condition deeply yet can weigh some hair down. UK celebrity stylist Paul Yacomine's range of oils combines skincare technology with a natty pump nozzle to distribute the oil in a serum emulsion that spreads it evenly along the shafts to avoid heaviness." Vogue Australia