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Paul Yacomine Micro Treatment Oils 25ml - £12.00

Paul Yacomine Micro Treatment Oils 25ml - £12.00

Size: 25ml
Our Price:
£12.00 GBP
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Paul's best selling Micro Treatment Oils is a serum with a difference.  Paul uses skincare technology to emulsify his serum with eight different high absorbency essential oils.  This means that you are only getting serum on the rough parts of the cuticle that need it most thus preventing the hair from becoming overloaded.  The emulsion process also allows the essential oils to distribute more evenly around the hair shaft maximising the wonderful conditioning effects of the essential oils.

Micro Treatment Oils offers brilliant shine with a light clean texture and protection from heat styling, sun, sea and chlorine.

Size: 25 ml

"The Good Oil - Since hair strands are porous, oils are able to penetrate and condition deeply yet can weigh some hair down.  UK celebrity stylist Paul Yacomine's range of oils combines skincare technology with a natty pump nozzle to distribute the oil in a serum emulsion that spreads it evenly along the shafts to avoid heaviness." Vogue